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Can a single piece of glass be used to repair a double pane window when only one side is broken?


No. Double pane windows are factory sealed with an air space in between.  Adding a single piece of glass to that unit will cause that unit to fog very quickly.

What is the kind of glass that can be safely placed on a table top?


Tempered glass is recommended for tabletops.  It is a safety glass and has a hard surface.  Can have an attractive factory polished edge. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office as we would be more than glad to be of assistance.

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What is the difference between plate glass and tempered glass?


Tempered glass is safety glass because when broken it breaks in thousands of small piece without sharp edges.  Tempered glass cannot be cut down.  Plate glass can be used on countertop or desk tops or any place that has a hard surface to support the glass.    It can be factory polished and it is not considered safety glass. 


What determines if glass must or not be tempered?


The Universal Building Code sets the standard for glass safety.  Common codes dictate that any opening within 48” of a locking mechanism must contain safety glass.  That means any door,  sidelite or window within 4 ft of a door must have safety glass.  Also, any window over a tub or shower and any window within 18 inches from the floor must be safety glass.  These are most common requirements we deal with but there are others. 


What is Low E glass?


Low E glass offers almost invisibly a glass coating that provides insulation benefits as well as control for uncomfortable solar heat gain.  


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